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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Organizations for writers, editors, and publishing professionals

My Writers and Editors website is a little like Fibber McGee's closet, so I created a directory for myself, which I realized might be helpful to others. Here it is: a list of lists with links, by type:
Arts and poetry
Awards, grants, and fellowships
Biographers, memoirists,and other life story writers
Copyright and intellectual property discussion groups and listservs on
Corporate, government, and technical communicators
Editors, indexers, and other publishing professionals
Fiction writers and editors
Freelancers, contractors, and telecommuters
Job banks and publishing marketplaces
Journalism and journalists
Local and regional writers organizations
Major writers organizations (fighting for creators' rights, interests, and ethical behavior)
Media pros and other allied professionals (translators, indexers, designers, photographers, artists, illustrators, animators, cartoonists, image professionals, composers)
Medical, health, and science writers and editors
Narrative nonfiction and long-form journalism, sites and resources
Other storytelling venues
Online writers groups, critique groups, and communities (connect with other writers and editors)
Publishers and booksellers
Thoughtful radio and TV talk shows
Rights holders (licensing organizations and rights clearinghouses; organizations for clearing rights in visual arts, music and sound, books, scripts, and screenplays)
Screenwriters, playwrights, documentary filmmakers, and critics
Other specialties and niches (groups for writers who specialize in animals, autos, bowling, children's books,food, gardens, family history, jazz, résumés, sports, travel, Web writing, wine, etc.)
Social networking for readers
Translators and interpreters
Writers workshops, conferences, and other learning places
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