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Authors' moral rights: Don’t Touch ‘A Moveable Feast’

July 21, 2009

"BOOKSTORES are getting shipments of a significantly changed edition of Ernest Hemingway’s masterpiece, “A Moveable Feast,” first published posthumously by Scribner in 1964," writes A.E. Hotchner in an Op Ed piece, (Don't Touch 'A Moveable Feast'), for The New York Times. (more…)

Abandon Hopefully

July 17, 2009

Tags: grammar and style

I used to have a little sign above my office door that said "Abandon hopefully all ye who enter here," and for years I've tried not gritting my teeth when people said things like, "Hopefully it won't rain." My poor daughter grew up with this bias against using "hopefully" in the sense of "it is hoped," (more…)

Memoirs: Is honesty the best policy?

July 16, 2009

Tags: memoirs, biography, personal history

Graceanne K. Deters includes provocative copy in her website copy about the hidden story of a missionary daughter navigating a maze of religious fanaticism, and the dark side of her early life in (more…)

Self-publishing niche in children's books

July 13, 2009

Tags: children's books, self-publishing

On Nantucket, business journalist Peter Barnes overheard a tourist asking a bookstore owner for a children's book about the island, reports the Washington Post's Elizabeth Chang in Making It: Children's Books (more…)