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Authors' wills, trusts, and estates

In 2014, the National Archives (UK) brought online a collection of documents that will delight biographers and historians: Famous wills 1552-1854. Among them, the wills of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Admiral Lord Nelson, Dr. Samuel Johnson, John Donne, Sir Francis Drake, William Congreve, Samuel Pepys, William Penn, George Frederic Handel, and William Wordsworth.

Have you spelled out who inherits your intellectual property? Here are some helpful explanations:
What Happens When an Author Dies? Read More 
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Author websites that pull you in (in different ways)

Authors looking for role models: Some of these author websites are well-designed, some have great content, some have both. What do you think of them? Do they make you want to a) buy the book? b) read the book? c) hire the writer? d) watch for his next book?

Marcel Theroux (elegantly understated, with black and white drawings)

Sarah Barbour. Aeroplane Media (an editor/proofreader of genre fiction posts her prices, which is one reason she gets hired, according to her handy ebook, The Copy Editor's Guide to Working with Indie Authors: How to Find Clients, Market Yourself & Build Your Business

Camden Writers (click on the photos--a process of discovery)

Scott Saul, for his book Becoming Richard Pryor , created an extensive website about the first part of the five-part book, as a lure to the book itself: Richard Pryor's Peoria  Read More 
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