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Memoirs, food, great storytelling -- ideal gift books

Books are ideal gifts for those who read, and the titles on these recommended-reading lists will make someone happy:
Food Memoirs and Biographies
Style guides and other books on editing (these are the ones aspiring writers and editors often can't afford)
Books to help you write your own (or someone else's) life story
Memoirs and personal accounts of vocation, avocation, occupation, profession, "calling" (a reading list)
Books for aspiring fiction writers and editors
Outstanding narrative nonfiction  Read More 
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Coming-of-age memoirs make great gifts

For those thinking about writing their memoirs, or for book lovers generally, these coming-of-age novels make ideal gifts:
• Allison, Dorothy. Bastard Out of Carolina (semi-fictionalized)
• Angelou, Maya. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
• Baker, Russell. Growing Up  Read More 
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The Magic Article Rewriter (not a person)

My mouth is still open after reading The Best Spinner vs. the Magic Article Rewriter. What can you deduce from the following copy: "almost 100% of every content about anything has already been written or said at least once somewhere around the web. That  Read More 
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Hans Rosling, animating global health data

Making Data Dance, an Economist story (12-9-10), presents Hans Rosling, a Swedish lecturer on global health, who "has become an online star by using data visualisations to make serious points about health policy and development." Do not miss The Joy of Stats Read More 
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Rules for Discussing the Meaning of It All

"On my radio show, which covers issues of faith and moral imagination, I encourage my guests to follow a couple of ground rules: No abstractions about God, and speak in the first person, not on behalf of your group or tradition (or God)," writes radio host Krista Tippett, in a blog essay about her public radio program,  Read More 
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The Art and Economics of Ghostwriting Books

"With the rise in self-publishing and the popularity of celebrity books, demand for ghostwriters has increased dramatically," writes Joni Rodgers, ghostwriter of bestsellers, in a story for Daily Finance: The Art and Economics of Ghostwriting (11-29-2010). "And with the downturn in  Read More 
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