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Where to get science news

Updated 8-14-2020.  Let me know if any wonderful publications are left out of this informally assembled list. Scroll down for links to forums.

Aeon ("a sanctuary online for serious thinking")
Ars Technica
Cosmos (the science of everything)
Ag Insider (Food and Environment Reporting Network)
Environmental Health News (EHN, publisher of several newsletters: (Above the Fold, The Daily Climate, Good News, Plastic Pollution, Children’s Health, Energy & Health, Science Saturday, The Weekend Reader, Population Weekly, Pittsburgh Weekly)
Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN, publishes Ag Insider)
Food Dive (See also BioPharma Dive, Construction Dive, Education Dive, Healthcare Dive, MedTech Dive, Restaurant Dive, Smart Cities Dive, Social Media Today, Utility Dive, Waste Dive)
GreenBiz Featured columns. See also webcasts and Video
Massive Science (New science stories every week, written by scientists themselves)
Mosaic Longform stories about science and health. (Closed 12-10-19). No longer publishing but archive still available under Creative Commons license.
National Geographic Magazine
Nature (an esteemed and heavily cited science journal)
Nautilus (each issue on a special topic, backed by Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
New Scientist (realistic news reporting, from UK)
Pro Publica (Journalism in the Public Interest) Read More 

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ScienceWriters: Be part of ScienceOnline

From NASW: You can participate free in the fifth annual Science Online meeting (#SciO11) this week, thanks to the National Association of Science Writers. Livestreamed topics include history of science as a writing tool, using fiction to explain science, communicating science with humor, and many others. Find the livestream and archive here beginning Saturday, Jan 15: /
 Read More 
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Keep libel courts out of science: British Chiropractic Association v Simon Singh

The British Chiropractic Association brought a libel case against science writer Simon Singh in London for his criticism of chiropractic procedures in the book Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts About Alternative Medicine and in a Guardian article, "Beware the Spinal Trap"  Read More 
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