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Amazon, Sony, and Google: Digital Revolution or E-Books War?

Farhad Manjoo admires the Kindle 2 but fears its implications: "Amazon's reader is a brilliant device that shanghais book buyers and the book industry into accepting a radically diminished marketplace for published works. If the Kindle succeeds on its current terms, and all signs suggest it'll be a blockbuster (thanks Oprah!), Amazon will make a bundle. But everyone else with a stake in a vibrant book industry — authors, publishers, libraries, chain bookstores, indie bookstores, and, not least, readers — stands to  Read More 
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Where does Dave Robicheaux go for information?

“I long ago became convinced that the most reliable source for arcane and obscure and seemingly unobtainable information does not lie with government or law enforcement agencies,” says James Lee Burke’s hero, Dave Robicheaux, in Last Car for Elysian Fields  Read More 
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Narrative Medicine

A colleague who read The Beneficial Effects of Life Story and Legacy Activities told me about a Narrative Medicine workshop being held in Venice, Italy (Sept. 20-22, 2009). The idea: narrative training with stories of illness  Read More 
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Self-publishing success story (again, a good niche)

After being rejected by all the publishers to whom she sent her manuscript, a seven-year labor of love titled I Am Hutterite, Saskatchewan author Mary-Ann Kirkby self-published it under the imprint Polka Dot Press. This was NOT a print-on-demand publication  Read More 
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