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Wordle for Personal Historians

February 27, 2011

Tags: Wordle, personal historian

Experimenting with Wordle and prior careers of many personal historians, got this:

Wordle: Personal historians

Reading devices and back pain

February 25, 2011

Tags: back pain, reading devices

After an injury left Leah Price unable to sit for months, she got a new perspective on back health and on book reading, which isn't so easy standing or lying down. In Bent Spines (NY Times Book Review 2-25-11) she weaves together (more…)

Readers: you can't actually buy an ebook

February 13, 2011

Tags: ebooks, agency model, rights, royalties

Authors, be sure to read From where I sit, you can’t actually “sell” an ebook, surely one of Mike Shatzkin's most important blogs (in an excellent series). His main point: Customers are not really buying those eBooks; they're licensing them. This has important implications for (more…)

Editors' Roundtable: Time magazine story on Tucson shootings

February 11, 2011

Tags: narrative nonfiction, Nieman

Nieman Storyboard's first-ever Editors' Roundtable (Time magazine takes on the Tucson shootings) features five journalism experts' responses to David Von Drehle's story The Real Lesson of the Tucson Tragedy.

An interesting Q&A (more…)

Gawker exposes plagiarism at Rodale

February 4, 2011

Tags: plagiarism, Gawker, Rodale

Men's Health Editor Plagiarizes His Own Authors reports Maureen O'Connor in Gawker. Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko has been stripping other writers' bylines from old Men's Health articles and recycling them in his "Eat This, Not That" column for Yahoo! Health. (more…)