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The Lifespan of a Fact (truth, fact-checking, and art)

February 26, 2012

Tags: fact-checking, truth

Online you can follow a virtual debate about truth vs. facts: In the Details: "The Lifespan of a Fact" by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal. Jennifer B. McDonald's review, in the NY Times Book Review (2-26-12), starts: "This book review would be so much easier to write (more…)

Things you should know about

February 20, 2012

Tags: Kickstarter, MacArthur Grants, women's magazines, Yasiv.com, Seth Godin

Some things are changing radically and some are staying very much the same. New and interesting: Kickstarter has drawn more than enough funding for a project called Love Ever After. Kickstarter is interesting both for concept and process. Here, the project (more…)

Tom Benjey's run with print-on-demand self-publishing

February 17, 2012

Tags: print on demand, self-publishing, CreateSpace, Amazon, Lightning Source, Carlisle Indian School

Guest post by Tom Benjey

Major publishing houses have been using POD technology for some time to keep their backlist titles in print. POD technology allows books to be printed digitally one a time, thus relieving the publisher of the cost of printing a batch of books and having capital tied up in them until they sell. The small capital investment required to publish books via POD technology also makes it possible for an author to become a publisher (more…)

Grandfathers Journal(video)

February 5, 2012

Tags: journal, family history

A grandfather's journal helps a troubled teenager better understand himself and recognize a connection with his ancestors (a video from Family Search):

The longest memory is not as good as a short pencil, says this narrator. Keep a journal.

You can (more…)

Personal history videos

February 4, 2012

Tags: video tribute

I highly recommend personal history videos. Here's Peter Savigny's video about his mother, Renee:

Click on the bottom right corner for full-screen view.

Peter's firm, TimeStorie , is based in (more…)

Amazon.com (Gorilla) and the Future of Book Publishing (part 1)

February 1, 2012

Tags: Amazon, POD publishing

Here are links to several pieces of essential reading on Amazon and the future of book publishing: Amazon's Hit Man (Brad Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek, 1-25-12)
Publishing’s Ecosystem on the Brink: The Backstory (Authors Guild, 1-31-12)
Amazon and Lightning Source: The End of an Era? (Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer 9-9-11)

New iBook software's greedy grab for exclusive rights

February 1, 2012

Tags: ebooks, rights, Apple

Thanks to Robin Rowlands (The road to serfdom: Use Apple software ) for alerting us to the fact (widely discussed among techies) that deep within the license agreement for the excellent new iBook software is a clause stating that if you use the free software to create an ebook that you plan to sell (not give away) you are bound exclusively to Apple. Read Robin's (more…)