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How to price ebooks

October 13, 2013

Tags: ebooks, pricing, pricing strategy, royalties

Published 8-14-13, updated 10-13-13
This is a roundup of various pieces on how to price ebooks: Do you price high and count on fewer but more profitable sales, or do you price low to get volume? Do you charge libraries more? Do you offer freebies? Do customers expect low ebook prices? It's a wild world out there in ebook land, and the right price for an ebooks may depend on the size and type of audience (more…)

A memoir writer's dream come true

October 12, 2013

Tags: memoir, restaurants, Firestone Tires, careers

Paul Pollinger reading Kim Firestone's memoir
This is the kind of picture an author has to love. I helped my friend Kim Firestone get his book in shape for publication, got it nicely designed by my Argentine friends at My Special Book (especially Juan Zemborain), took it along to a weekend at the Bay, and smiled as I watched my (more…)