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How to publicize and promote your work

April 2, 2009

Tags: publicity, promotion, press releases, pitches, virtual media training, talk shows, soundbyte

Rusty Shelton and Katie Andrews, of Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, were guest bloggers on Lisa Tener’s Writing Blog, where you can read several useful postings on how to publicize and promote your work:
• Why Publicity Is Your New Best Friend
• The Publicity 411: What to Know Before Getting Started
• Press Releases & Pitches: How to get the word out about your book

• Virtual Media Training: How to Rock Your Interviews

• Social Media and Beyond: Why You Must Join the Movement and Where to Start.

Get "extra credit" with a three-part series on the Phenix & Phenix blog about prepping authors for TV talk shows:

• Part One: Booking the interview

• Part Two: Soundbyte prep

• Part Three: Networking