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A Counter-Plagiarism Handbook

March 1, 2010

Tags: plagiarism

Check out Columbia Journalism Review's piece by Craig Silverman: The Counter-Plagiarism Handbook: Tips for writers and editors on how to avoid or detect journalistic plagiarism (Feb. 26, 2010). That's Craig Silverman of Regret the Error (Mistakes happen).
Some additional items of intereston the topic of plagiarism, which, alas, is increasing, thanks to the Internet:
Combating Plagiarism: Is the Internet causing more students to copy? (PDF of thoughtful long article, with bibliography, from CQ Researcher
Getting to the Source: Preventing Plagiarism (Chip Scanlan, Poynter, 9-19-03)
Historians Rewrite History. Timothy Noah (Slate, 11-13-03) on the campaign to exonerate Doris Kearns Goodwin
Plagiarism and Precedence: Media Ethics (Edward Wasserman, 10-9-06)
Plagiarism, the Latest -Gate (Megan Garber, CJR, 2-19-08)
Plagiarism Pays (Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media, on offenders who make a comeback)
The Posner Plagiarism Perplex. Jack Shafer (Slate 2-11-10) on what to make of Gerald Posner's blog statement.
To Catch a Plagiarist (Craig Silverman, Regret the Error, CJR, 2-19-10). There are tools to catch plagiarists in action. Why don't news outlets use them?
What Did Ian McEwan Do? (Jack Shafer, Slate, criticizes big-time novelists for saying 'Nothing wrong.')
I was unable to find a link to Trudy Lieberman's oft-cited long 1995 piece on plagiarism in the Columbia Journalism Review. Look for it in a good library or, Dear CJR, please make it available online and tell us where to find it!