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Margaret Atwood on The Publishing Pie

If you catch nothing else from the fascinating O'Reilly Tools of Change conference 2011, listen to this keynote address: Margaret Atwood on The Publishing Pie: An Author's View (on YouTube). This annual conferences explores emerging trends in digital  Read More 
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"How Can Creators Get a Fair Deal in the Digital World?"

Edward Hasbrouck's blog The Practical Nomad provides links to a trail of fascinating discussions about the role or rights of creators, readers, and publishers in the current huge many-faceted struggle going on about rights in the new digital environment. He writes that Readers' interests lie with writers, not with publishers Read More 
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Amazon, Sony, and Google: Digital Revolution or E-Books War?

Farhad Manjoo admires the Kindle 2 but fears its implications: "Amazon's reader is a brilliant device that shanghais book buyers and the book industry into accepting a radically diminished marketplace for published works. If the Kindle succeeds on its current terms, and all signs suggest it'll be a blockbuster (thanks Oprah!), Amazon will make a bundle. But everyone else with a stake in a vibrant book industry — authors, publishers, libraries, chain bookstores, indie bookstores, and, not least, readers — stands to  Read More 
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Free online videos from Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, 2009

The O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference explored emerging trends in digital publishing. Missed it? Click here for links to videos of interesting talks that may change your thinking about how to publish fiction and nonfiction in today's market. Titles you  Read More 
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