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Rules for Writing Fiction (Guardian)

February 22, 2010

Tags: rules for writing

“You most likely need a thesaurus, a rudimentary grammar book, and a grip on reality," writes Margaret Atwood in the Guardian's wonderful potpourri, Ten Rules For Writing Fiction. "This latter means: there's no free lunch. Writing is work. It's (more…)

Hall of Shame for Books

February 14, 2010

Tags: editing, production

Irked or appalled by a badly edited or sloppily produced book? Submit details about the book's shameful qualities to the Hall of Shame, sponsored by the blog An American Editor. Check out the first nominees. (more…)

Is Google Buzz Invading Your Privacy?

February 12, 2010

Tags: Google, privacy

Concerned that Google Buzz suddenly appeared on your G-mail? You should be. David Coursey, of PC World, outlines Five Reasons to Love Google Buzz, Five Reasons Not (Yahoo News, 2-11-10).3 (more…)

Presentation visuals

February 11, 2010

Tags: graphic design, presentations

Do your presentation visuals suck? Here's a good place to start thinking about how to improve them: Nancy Duarte's Impressions of TED2010 so far…. "People are moved by the magnitude of numbers more readily when there’s context to their magnitude," writes Duarte. "One of my (more…)

Kirkus Reviews given new life

February 11, 2010

Tags: Kirkus, reviews

Motoko Rich reports that Kirkus Gets A New Owner — From The NBA (NY Times 2-10-10). "Herb Simon, the owner of the Indiana Pacers, the NBA team, and chairman emeritus of Simon Property Group, a shopping mall developer, has bought the venerable journal (more…)

Amazon, Macmillan and the struggle for control of e-book pricing

February 1, 2010

Tags: e-books, book publishing, Kindle, iPad

Publishers Lunch Deluxe reported to its subscribers Friday (Jan. 29) that Amazon had removed all buy buttons from Macmillan titles, including titles on customers' personal wish lists, in a power struggle with Macmillan over who could set the prices on Macmillan e-books. This was the "first shot across the
purchasing bow in big publishers' efforts to reset ebook pricing above the loss-leader $9.99 (more…)

Seeking Venue for Book That Requires Reader Participation

February 1, 2010

Tags: interactive

A writer asks: "I have an idea for a book that requires reader participation. I thought I had found the ideal venue, only to discover that people found it difficult to access. Is there a site that is easy to access for people wanting to participate in this project?" Can you, dear reader, suggest something?