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Your elevator speech

Marcia Yudkin suggests this template for your elevator speech: "I specialize in helping ___ (who?) who have ___ (what problem?) get ___ (what result?)" (from (Marcia's Mantras, a nanozine) This echoes a theme in Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle: A Business Fable by Kevin Daum, a sample of which you can download at

The marketing message, says Daum, is PAIN, SOLUTION, BEST PROVIDER:
The Pain We Solve
The Best Solution:
Why We Are the Best Solution Provider (boil this down to THREE main things not that you value but that a potential client would).

He further urges:
* Recognize the type (he names four type of customers: The wise buyer, the cynical buyer, the simple buyer, the disinterested buyer)
* Observe from their perspective
* Acknowledge concerns
* Resolve needs.

His sampler is one of the most persuasive book promotions I've experienced (sensible tips wrapped in an engaging story). I ordered the book!

P.S. Your elevator speech is the self-description you have prepared for when you have only seconds to make clear what you do.
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