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A Hairstyle of My Own by Pat McNees

"A Hairstyle of My Own" by Pat McNees from William Erwin on Vimeo.

A lot of women have either identified with my lifelong hair problems or reported the opposite type. As to spelling: Is it blonde or blond? "The word comes to English from French, where it has masculine and feminine forms. As an English noun, it kept those two forms; thus, a blond is a fair-haired male, and a blonde is a fair-haired female. When you're using the word as an adjective, 'blond' is the more common spelling and can be used for males or females; however, "blonde" can also be used to describe a woman or girl with fair hair." Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl.

As for hair problems generally, I was delighted to see 2020's Oscar winner in the short video category, HAIR LOVE, now viewable online free at Makes my problems with straight hair seem minor, and never once did my father try to wrestle with my hair.

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